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For many particularly vulnerable people in Salzburg, the current cuts caused by the "Corona crisis" are threatening their existence because they cannot compensate for unforeseen loss of earnings and are in great financial difficulties. They are no longer able to pay their rent and running costs, or they are no longer able to buy the most urgent things of daily life for themselves and their relatives.
Affected are people or families with very small incomes, for example cleaning staff who may not have been covered by social security; vendors of street newspapers; emergency travelers who could not travel to their countries of origin in time; sex workers or other small and micro "self-employed" people, such as interpreters or asylum seekers who have worked for service vouchers, and many more.
With the Corona Solidarity Fund, immediate and bridging aid can be paid out quickly and easily in small amounts of up to 200 euros. The fund, for which the Katholische Aktion Salzburg and private individuals have provided start-up financing, is dependent on donations. The Platform for Human Rights organizes and documents the payments.
The acute shortages of vulnerable persons have arisen because, in the current situation, they do not receive compensation payments due to the lack of regular employment relationships. They have no unemployment benefit, no short-time work allowance and, in some cases, no entitlement to needs-based minimum benefit (German: BMS). For people who were previously on the fringes of society, the Corona crisis has made it even more difficult to secure their livelihoods. Let us not leave them alone in this situation.
If you are a victim of the current situation please contact the Platform for Human Rights!
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