Climate protection? Let's go!

Climate protection? Let's go!

Climate walk Salzburg
Climate change is reality and progressing faster than feared. Recent data and events reinforce this fact. But what can we actually do about it? Climate protection is often easier to implement than one might think. There are countless ideas and possibilities for living in a more climate-friendly way in our leisure time, work and everyday life. During the climate walk in Salzburg, participants will learn interesting facts about climate change in the region and what everyone can do to counteract it.
Date: Friday, 22. October 2021, 1 pm
Contributor: Andrea Thuma (political scientist and adult educator)
Duration: approximately 2 hours
Meeting point: Entrance (ground floor) of the Afro-Asian Institute
Language: English
Registration until 20.10.2021: 0662/84141313, office@aai-salzburg.at

Picture by Dominic Wunderlich on Pixabay