Avocado - the Green Gold of Latin America

Avocado - the Green Gold of Latin America

World Dinner Mexico

Originally from the tropical forests of Mexico, the avocado fruit has boomed in the last 15 years and is now exported all over the world. In addition to its delicious, creamy flavor, it is rich in vitamins A and E, as well as unsaturated fatty acids, and has hardly any carbohydrates. However, the cultivation of the avocado is very problematic, especially in Mexico. Its high water consumption (1kg avocado/1000L) exhausts water-poor regions, forests are illegally cleared and deforested for production. Behind its production are acting cartels that which in addition to drugs, oil, weapons and people, also  trade in the Green Gold and pollute the Mexican plantation areas. During the  World Dinner we will take a closer look at the avocado, its ecological cultivation and fair trade. The Mexican Cristhian Osorio will prepare guacamole (vegan) and a tuna avocado salad with the participants. Horchata - a refreshing rice drink - is also on the menu.

A World Dinner gives the chance to get to know different cultures. Further, it provides a critical view on food and its production, and is focusing on sustainable modes of consumption. After a presentation we learn to cook new dishes and eat them together. An evening to join, enjoy and share.

Date: Thursday, 24 th June 2021, 6pm – 8:30pm

Venue: Afro-Asian Institute, meeting point main entrance

Contribution towards expenses: Free donation with a minimum contribution of 3€.

Registration required: office (at) aai-salzburg.at or 0662/841413-13

Contributor: Cristhian Osorio (Mexico)

Language: English and German

In cooperation with: (Katholische Hochschulgemeinde Salzburg KHG)

Picture by Nathan Dumlao on Usplash