Having Stance - in the past : today

Having Stance - in the past : today

Also this year we would like to draw attention to the commemoration day of the Salzburg book burning in 1938. 

A live stream will take place at 6 p.m. on Friday, the 30th April at https://fb.me/e/1DMypwyFc or at https://fs1.tv/

After a speech by the writer Doron Rabinovici, five dedicated slam poets will perform: Yasmin Hafedh (Austria), who will also moderate, Dalibor Markovic and Meral Ziegler (both Germany) as well as Tanasgol Sabbagh (Iran/D) and Henrik Szanto (Finland/GB). Music will be provided live by the duo Georg Winkler & Hubert Kellerer. In addition, the composition "S'brent" by the Jewish-Polish poet and composer Mordechaj Gebirtig will be heard as a glockenspiel.