Well Meant is Not always Well Done

Well Meant is Not always Well Done

Forum for Anti-Discrimination

Exotic and discriminatory prejudices continue to shape contemporary social structures, ideas and actions. Often, they are used with benevolence, but the fact is that they reproduce mechanisms of oppression. In this forum we will talk about why Tokenism is a helpful analytical concept to talk about this topic. Far too often institutions only make symbolic/token efforts to integrate socially marginalized people in their institutions, in projects or in social processes. How those affected people can rebel against this and what anti-discriminatory assistance is effective will be also discussed in the forum. The participants are given space to share their own experiences if they want to.

Date: Friday, 30th April 2021, 6pm

Venue: Online Room of the Afro-Asian Institute Salzburg,  https://aai.plus/webinar/

Instructions for getting started with this webinar: https://aai-salzburg.at

Contributors: Barbara Sieberth (Anti-Discrimination Office Salzburg), Damon Taleghani (author and artist, Berlin)

Language: German

In cooperation with:  Anti-Discrimination Office Salzburg, BIPOC Circle, Platform for Human Rights Salzburg.