Costa Rica: Pioneer for Climate Justice and Bio-Cultural Diversity

Costa Rica: Pioneer for Climate Justice and Bio-Cultural Diversity

Online-Talk on the Occasion of the Costa Rican Anniversary Year 2021

In 2021, Costa Rica celebrates 200 years of independence. This event, along with the global climate situation, has motivated the country to be largely CO2-free by 2021. This would make Costa Rica the first country in the world to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal 13. Costa Rica has actually doubled its forest areas since 1984 (to 52%) and is continuously implementing the concept of Biological Corridors, which ensures biodiversity and promotes regional bio-cultural diversity. The event will provide insight into a country that has little media presence in Europe and that can serve as a role model on the topic of sustainability. The biologist Anton Weissenhofer and the social-anthropologist Georg Grünberg will talk about their experiences in Costa Rica and at the research station La Gamba.

Date: Tuesday, 9th March 2021, 6:30pm

Venue: Online Room of the Afro-Asian Institute Salzburg,  https://aai.plus/webinar/

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Contributor: Anton Weissenhofer (Biologist, University of Vienna, Verein La Gamba), Georg Grünberg (Social-Anthropologist, University of Vienna)

Language: German

In cooperation with:  Verein zur Förderung der Tropenstation La Gamba, University of Vienna, Österreichisches Lateinamerika Institut, Fridays for Future Vienna, Südwind