Hate speech - the role of the internet in Kenya

Hate speech - the role of the internet in Kenya

Hate speech is the use of threatening, abusive or insulting words or behavior, or display of any written or published material which intends to stir up hatred against a group of persons by reference to color, race, nationality or ethnic background. The different ethnic groups in Kenya have been used by politicians to create a divide for personal gain which breeds tribalism. The violence in 2007­2008 during the elections brought about the reali zation of the impact of hate speech to the nation and due to this, measure were put in place to curb the hate speech vice. Jacinta Mwende will give us an understanding of these dynamics in her country of origin and explain the role of the internet in Kenya.

Date: 21st of May, 7pm
Place: Afro­-Asian Institute, Clubraum
Speaker: Jacinta Mwende (University of Nairobi, Kenya)
Cooperation: Robert Jungk­-Bibliothek, Südwind, Zentrum Theologie Interkulturell und Studium der Religionen