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Global Space: Mexico - The Power of Social Media


Date/venue: Thu, 16 November 2017, 7:00pm; AAI, Clubraum (Ground floor)

Speaker: Mario Tellez Girón Carmona (Mexico / Salzburg)

Internet and digitization have revolutionized the access to information and knowledge. Social interaction and exchange have and will keep increasing thanks to the boom in social media networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. In Mexico many social initiatives take advantage of these platforms to denounce injustices, political pressure and discrimination and to fight for justice.

Mario Tellez Girón Carmona, from Mexico, will give as an overview of the current situation and will introduce three of these initiatives:

Mensajeros Ubanos – more equality of opportunities

Morras – Women Emancipation

Los Super Civicos – Anti-corruption

A joint event by: AAI Salzburg, KAMA und Südwind Salzburg in the frame of the 16th seminar weeks on Development policy.

Syria - Civil war between religions?


Speakers:  Andreas Schmoller (Universität Salzburg), Viola Raheb

Date/Venue: Thu, 23 November 2017, 7:00 pm; AAI, Clubraum (Ground floor)

War has prevailed in Syria since 2011. Sunnis, Shiites, Alawites, Christians, Druze, Yazidis and Jews -  each community claims its own access to faith. How does radicalization arise in connection to religion and faith? Where does the attraction to religious fundamentalist interpretations come from? Through the example of Syria’s war, we will discuss about the extent to which confessional identities play a role and the theological bases on which radical groups legitimate their violent ideologies. In this context, what contribution can the interreligious dialogue bring about against radical forms of religion?

A joint event by: AAI Salzburg, KHG Salzburg, Friedensbüro Salzburg

As Goddesses glorified - As Women oppressed?


Speakers: Sumeeta Hasenbichler (Frau und Arbeit), Christian Hackbarth-Johnson (FB Systematik und Zentrum, Univ. Salzburg), Nayana Bhat (INFLUX)

Date/Venue: Thu, 30 November 2017, 7:00 pm; AAI, Clubraum (EG)

Violence against women is still a part of Indian society. Promises by policy makers to implement measures and adopt legislation to improve the situation of women in India and to stop violence often fail in concrete implementation. Which measures should be taken in order to put a curb to violence against women? Which changes in society are necessary to help women emancipate? Which role does Hinduism play in this behaviour?  After the round of talks about the current situation, the widely-awarded documentary film about the women’s group "Gulabi Gang" (2012) by  Nishtha Jain will be shown.

A joint event by: AAI Salzburg, gendup, KFB, Frau und Arbeit, FB Systematik und Zentrum, Verein Cope – Entwicklungsprojekt einer österreich-indischen Freundschaft

Dancing at the weekend


Instructor: DJ Jhonny (Latino Mio)

Date/venue: Fri, 20 October, 24 November 2017 and 19 January 2018, AAI, Studyroom (2nd Floor)

Contribution: 20 Euro /  15 Euro Students or SN Card holders

Latino Mio takes you deep into the world of Cuban Salsa, Kizomba, and Bachata! Dance with swing and hot rhythms on a relaxed weekend. During the intensive dance workshop you will learn the basic step combinations and individual figures. No previous experience or dance partner is required and after the workshop, it is possible to take part in one of the regular Salsa courses that Latino Mio offers.

A joint event by: AAI Salzburg, Latino Mio

Buñuelos, Ful & Biryani


Date/Venue: Thu, 7 December 2017, 6:00 – 9:00 pm; AAI, Clubraum (Ground floor)

During this winter celebration we will not only cook tasty dishes from Africa, Asia and South America. The participants will also learn about how winter solstice is celebrated in the different continents. Join us if you are interested in cultural customs and traditions and let us cook, eat and exchange together. 

Contribution: 5 Euro

Due to the limited number of participants we recommend an early registration at: or call 0662/841413-13

A joint event by: AAI Salzburg, KHG Salzburg


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